It Takes a Village


56 Minute Documentary and 5x Online Shorts

By 2050, over a million Australians will be living with dementia and, through them, large numbers of our population will be impacted. The Royal Commission into Aged Care exposed an horrendous litany of failings in Australia’s care for our elderly. Since over half of all aged care residents live with dementia, it would seem we have a serious problem. We’re not coping well now and the problem’s only going to get much, much bigger.

In July 2020, a brand new dementia care facility opened its doors in Hobart’s rust belt. Korongee Village takes a very different approach to many aspects of dementia care – such as where it sits in the landscape; its physical layout and architecture; the mix of private and public spaces; how residents share living spaces; and how their care is delivered.

Now, through the eyes, and lives, of a group of people living with dementia and their families, we look at how this very different approach might offer meaningful change.

Maybe it does take a village.

© 2022 Roar Film and Screen Tasmania

Narrator Bryan Brown
Executive Producer Craig Dow Sainter
Producers Kath Symmons
Steve Thomas
Martine Delaney
Director Steve Thomas
Writers Martine Delaney
Steve Thomas
Editor / Director of Photography Aaron Luke Wilson